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How are Rebelle pads a game-changer?

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We're Rebelle. We’re redesigning period care. Less waste. More comfort. Zero stigma.


Ethical and sustainable production processes

We've traveled the world to find the highest quality sustainably produced fabrics. All the materials we use are carefully selected and come from ethically, socially and environmentally responsible Indian suppliers.

Save your wallet and the planet

Do your math

On average, menstruation lasts close to 30 years. That’s 360 months’ worth of pads. Each. Month. Normal, plastic pads get tossed after a single use, whereas our cloth pads can be used for up to a year! 

That’s less money spent each month on disposable pads, and less plastic waste sent to landfills where they spend up to 800 years decomposing, compared to the 5 months it takes for cotton.

We're changing periods for good.

We’re revolutionizing period care to give you the care you deserve, without it costing the environment what it currently does. Our reusable and eco-friendly products are better for your health, improving your period experience and comfort level right from the get-go. Health and safety over convenience, right? 

Make the switch with us. Be a Rebelle.

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Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Blend Pads, the new age sanitary pad.

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Rebelle Pads, not just a sanitary pad

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Overcoming PMS

Overcoming PMS

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Very comfortable. The pads are long and prevent any leakage. No problem of rashes which I had earlier with other pads. These are so soft and comfortable. Washing is not a hassle, if soaked well and it won't take much time. I got used to it within one period :) Most importantly, this is my contribution to the planet. No more dumping of used pads. Go for it people.. you will feel better about yourself.

Kiranmay, Delhi.

Really nice product, glad to have switched to cloth liners.. quite enough for beginning and ending days of periods and wings is an added benefit over disposable liners.. stays in place unless wearing a very sleek centre strip panty or doing heavy exercise etc. Better than liners for keeping it dry and comfortable if using for mild incontinence. ​ Providing seeds and grow bag really takes it to another nature friendly level. Great job!!

Revathy, Chennai

Heavy duty, breathable and eco-friendly pads. What else do you need. No need to add your plastic pads to landfills. You can check out mountains of pads in landfills. 1 woman throws away 17000 pads in her lifetime. Pads like these and menstrual cups are a great alternative. I would say in India this brand is one of the best quality. Go for it :) for peaceful sleep I recommend XL size. It will not leak. Washing is overrated it's not that hard once you get used to it.

Madhu, Bangalore