Rebelle Pads, not just a sanitary pad

Rebelle Pads, not just a sanitary pad

The girl child is the jewel of a family. Her tiny feet and cheery voice is her dad’s greatest joy. Of course she is also mom’s pet and the apple of the eye of her double set of grandparents. Yes friend, a girl child is welcomed in many families with immense happiness, because she is a representation of the DEVI MAA- mother goddess, mother Earth our only home.

Growing up has many highs and lows for this child of ours, but nothing can beat the pain before the first period. Nothing can prepare a blooming woman to be calm and controlled to welcome that natural process of awakening. The same maybe for our male counter parts, but because the girl child is the bearer of the next generation, our ancestors through their many rituals instituted different ceremonies to acknowledge this new transition.

We at Rebelle Pads understand your little girl’s confusion and pain. We don’t just make pads we create a friend for life. Made from 100% cotton fabric, with the best cushioning technology for all day all night comfort, to support your precious pearl during those first days and months of blooming.

Yes friend, Rebelle pads are not just sanitary pads: they are a piece of art, designed by the best experts in women’s’ reproductive health. What’s more? You may introduce her to Rebelle pantyliners to begin with, and then the comfortable cotton fabric disposable pads. You also have the option of introducing to her the reusable pads which can be cleaned with minimum effort using our 100% coconut oil-based soap, to leave her feeling fresh all through her period days and protecting your girl from many other common uterine problems.

So, friend just remember if you want your girl to have a best friend, Rebelle pads is the name you can trust, not for this year or the next but for a life time!

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