Bamboo charcoal pads

Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Blend Pads, the new age sanitary pad.

Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Blend Pads, the new age sanitary pad.
4th June 2021 was an important day in the life of Malinee, the founder of Rebelle Pads. It was the eve of World Environment Day 2021 when the Rebelle team launched their latest offering in the world of Women’s Health and Menstrual hygiene, the Bamboo Charcoal Cotton Blend Pads. Rebelle Pads became the first brand ever to give women a new friend, which was great in comfort but 60% better in terms of environment value addition.
Through a year of research which happened in the lockdown, when sales had slumped, the team at Rebelle decided to do R & D and came out with this jewel of product. So, what is special about Rebelle’s Bamboo Charcoal Pads?
  • Bamboo Charcoal not just is a good absorber than normal cotton by 33%, but it has anti-bacterial properties which ensures that the user is healthy throughout those difficult days.
  • A test trial was done in which 10 women tried the product and their feedback was used to create a great product- among the R&D trial team was Savita Rajiv- founder Springs Innovations! and Youtuber- Ideas Ki Pathsala
  • The price point is the cheapest in the world and it is only 30% more than the Organic Pads offered by Rebelle.
  • There is a leak-lock system which ensures that the user has a dry feeling for 8 hrs making it a better choice than the plastic gel pads.
  • Also, the natural grey colour means not so much effort to remove stains, making the cleaning much easier.
So, if you are a warrior for Nature and you have the urge to make your little contribution to the planet, then just log on to and click now to buy your pack of Bamboo Charcoal Pads. Let us make every day an Environment Day because we care to make the change. Cheers to Rebelle Pads to another beauty in their basket of women friends.

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