Rebelle Pads your girl’s friend for life

Rebelle Pads your girl’s friend for life

On an average a fertile woman menstruates for 4O years. That means for 40X 12 months the woman’s body changes. The need for periods is very important in the natural process of a woman’s life as it is reproductive, physiological, emotional and spiritual.

The ancients knew this and hence would ensure that the woman was well rested during this transitory phase. But as the knowledge and truth of the significance of periods and woman’s health took a back seat, the woman was termed as unclean, making the whole process of womanhood and bodily changes as thing of shame.

With the dawn of the public health system, the plastic pad came into focus but only the elite could afford. In India for centuries women bleed into cotton cloth home- made pads, which were washable and biodegradable, mostly they allowed that precious blood to relish mother earth.

So what actually is happening during a girl’s period? Every girl child is born with a certain number of eggs, which lay dormant in the folds of the ovaries. So once the first period is activated, if there was no coupling with a male (no sperm in contact) this unfertilized egg had to be destroyed. It’s nature’s way of recycling.

As it begins its journey of self destruction, moving slowly into uterus and then breaking into million pieces, coming out along with the epithelial membrane which would if the fertilization have happened become the lining of the womb. So every month a girl needs a friend, and what better friend than Rebelle Pads. They come in some delightful colours, designed to keep your girl snug and free. She can be herself, even during these days of pain. Also Rebelle Pads help her be natural and grow naturally. Buy now, Rebelle pads, your girl's new best friend for life.

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