5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cloth Pads

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Cloth Pads

We’ve all read about it over the years, but here’s a refresher - it takes almost 800 years for your regular sanitary napkins to decompose! And given the population of women in India, alone, that means that our landfills are collecting more plastic than can be disposed of properly.

And switching to cloth pads will do more than protect the environment, it will also benefit you! You’re probably wondering how that’s even possible, and we’ve got five solid reasons to support this.
1. Say goodbye to infections and rashes

The regular sanitary napkins available these days use plastic and other synthetic fibers like rayon along with chemicals in the form of gels and perfumes which causes rashes and infections, as well as blocks airflow to your vagina. The itchiness that you sometimes feel during your period is because of these materials! Cloth pads are completely devoid of chemicals or harmful materials, making it easier on your body.

2. You can save lots of money!

You’re probably thinking that that’s not entirely true, but here’s the thing about cotton pads - they can also be reusable. So you might be spending a little more buying your first pack of cloth pads, but being reusable, you can wash, dry and use them over and over again for a long time. That means, you’re not spending lots of money every month to buy a new pack of pads.

3. Protecting yourself also means protecting the environment
The number of pads that are being disposed of daily and clogging up landfills is staggering. And like we said, it takes years for these pads to decompose and even then, the materials and chemicals are also harmful to the environment. Reusable (or even the disposable) cloth pads cuts back on how much rubbish is being tossed out every single day.
4. Say hello to leak-proof and easy to clean pads
Obviously one of our biggest concerns is using pads that won’t leak, but you don’t have to stress about that so much with cloth pads. There’s a layer that is built for extra absorption that does all the work for you. And bonus, it’s not loaded with chemicals! A little extra care during cleaning will make it easy to use over and over again too.
5. Women supporting women!

We get it, spending lots of money on big companies that are not protecting the environment and also harming your body sounds like hell. But cloth pads use materials that are locally sourced and hand-stitched by women artisans.

With Rebelle, you can now have a naturally comfortable period that is not only safe for you, but also safe for the earth. Check out our range of products and make the switch today! www.rebellepads.com

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